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what is islots ?
iSlots have arrived. The next generation of online slots.

As a dedicated slots player myself, I found these islots a truly refreshing addition to the, dare I say, "dull" casino slots available today. The best part to me is that that every game is different, and that my skill or my choices during the game determine the outcome of each game. This game has truly doubled the entertainment power of normal online slot games! They all feature 5 reels, 15 paylines and a there is no shortage of action! Also, it's good to know that these multi-reel, multi-line slots come with amazing extras like animated video clips, interactive bonus rounds and storylines that unfold over the course of the game. Your choices and skill determine the outcome of each game, which is awesome!
There now 6 interactive games to choose currently; from playing a round of golf with Hole in Won, controlling characters in a casino soap opera in As the Reels Turn, or with Reel Crime and trying to pull off the crime of the century. Start your journey now...

New iSlot game released! "Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise!"

Baby Boomers is a brand new, exciting 15-Line, 5-coin interactive iSlots game complete with free spins, expanding wilds, multipliers and FOUR amazing new bonus rounds!
Read Baby Boomer: Cash Cruise review.

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As the Reels Turn
Reel Crime
Hole in Won

As the Reels Turn 1: "With Friends like You"

As The Reels Turn 1 is the first interactive slot game to be released by Rival Powered casinos and is certainly a classic! Join the characters in their journey through the tangled web of the live of the lovers and losers. <game review >

As the Reels Turn 2: "The Gamble"

Continue where the story left off from the first As The Reels Turn 1. In case you missed all the action this slot quickly puts you up to speed on the gossip and story so far before getting you started. <game review >

As the Reels Turn 3: "Blinded by Love"

With this iSlot the storylines become more twisted and you get to dig into the lives of these characters! If you haven’t played it before, you might first want to check out the previous episodes to get caught up on the storyline. <game review >

Hole in Won:

Hole in Won is the latest iSlot to be launched by Rival Powered casinos. his is where YOU get to control the outcome by getting a better golf score and by practicing more. If you find the bonus round too tricky it is fun to play and even the worst score pays! <game review >

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist

Reel Crime: Who says Crime doesn’t Pay? This is the second iSlot to come out of the casino. This 30’s gangster style iSlot takes you dangerous but rewarding places. Your only goal is to not get busted so getting away really does pay and pay well! <game review >

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist

The predecessor to Real Crime 1, Art Heist is a more modern iSlot and your characters are looking for a big payoff on some rare and expensive paintings. Once again don’t get caught because we know it just doesn’t pay. <game review >

Cosmic Quest: Episode 1

Cosmic Quest Episode One is a 5 reel, 20 payline, 10 coin Slot game. Cosmic Quest Episode One has one wild icon, 2 scatter icons and 1 bonus round. Put on your space suite and concer this mission! <game review >